The bodies of two pensioners, 65, he and 67 , were found lifeless , who had not given any news in the Forlì area for two days.

Their names were Paolo Neri and Stefania, and they were retired former employees of the Senate.

The discovery last night around 20 in Spinello, a hamlet of Santa Sofia.

The discovery in the bedroom of their home, on the body the marks of gunshot wounds.

The local carabinieri , together with colleagues from the Meldola operational and mobile unit, intervened together with the firefighters.

To give the alarm to the children, who had not been able to hear from them for a couple of days.

A first hypothesis of the investigators, as reported by the local press, was that it was a case of homicide-suicide, but it seems that it has instead been ascertained that it is a double suicide.

According to information, the two bodies were found on the bed. Fatal, for both of them, would have been a shot in the mouth. Next to the bodies two pistols, regularly held.

On the reasons for the double gesture, the shadow of a sect emerges: in the bedroom a letter was found that the two would write to their children, in which the belonging to a group that heralded the imminent end of the world was foreshadowed.

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