Tragedy in Grassano , in the province of Matera , where a 35-year-old bartender , Mario Marchetta, died late yesterday after being hit with several stab wounds .

Author of the insane gesture a young customer, a 20-year- old , who having refused , around midnight, the last drink at the counter , would return shortly afterwards hitting the operator to death with a kitchen knife .

Rescued by the 118 health workers, the bartender then died in the Tricarico hospital.

The 20-year- old , accompanied by a lawyer, went to the Carabinieri barracks where he was heard and then was transferred to the Matera prison.

Great pain from the mayor of Grassano, Filippo Luberto, who expressed his "closeness to both families, for an event that affected our entire community".

The mayor also announced that he will proclaim city mourning on the occasion of the funeral of the 35-year-old, who had returned to Basilicata for about a year after being abroad.

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