The controversy arose after the words of the mayor of Como Alessandro Rapinese who, in an interview about the rape, in the night between Saturday and Sunday, committed by a Pakistani homeless man against a 56-year-old homeless woman, by the way of illegal immigrants commented: "While they are waiting for their repatriation, there are large deserted areas of Barbagia that could host them ".

“If I were the legislator, I would not allow free movement to those who do not have documents in order - his precise words - as in the case of the Pakistani who raped and injured the woman in the telephone booth at Porta Torre. And while we are waiting for them to be repatriated, there are large deserted areas of Barbagia that could host them ”.

THE REACTIONS - "It seems to be affected by certain expressions dating back to the 60s of the last century, the years of Sardinian banditry, when Ricciardetto, notist of Epoca, wrote that it was necessary to throw napalm on the Supramonte" the words of Felice Tiragallo , anthropologist of the University of Cagliari, which sees in the words of the mayor of Como the legacy of “a colonial mentality ”, manifestations “that come out from time to time. A chain of prejudices, clichés and stereotypes that still haunt the common thinking of part of civil society. I would not even make a specific discussion of Northern Italy, or of certain areas administered, for example, by forms of cryptolegism. These are prejudices linked to ideas that come from earlier in time, stereotypes of Barbagia as a place of punishment ”.

Lapidary the regional councilor of the Democratic Party, Salvatore Corrias : "We can not accept the usual vulgar clichés from those who should represent civilization in the round".

"We are sure that the mayor of Como, a certain Alessandro Rapinese, will promptly apologize to all the inhabitants of Barbagia and all the Sardinians for the unfortunate joke on the desert areas of Barbagia itself to transport immigrants to and we are equally sure that he will not limit himself to words but he wants to do it by buying advertising space in his city and in the Larian newspapers by advertising the next edition of 'Autumn in Barbagia', a consolidated event that starts in September and ends in December, in which every weekend the towns of Barbagia show their artistic treasures , environmental, cultural and culinary "the words of the Sardinian deputy of FdI, Salvatore Deidda. "We are waiting for him to verify for himself how unhappy his joke was, on a subject in which he demonstrates his incompetence and an unbearable indifference ", concludes Deidda together with the mayor of Belvì and Provincial President of Fdi Nuoro, Maurizio Cadau.

"The deserted area is his head, not the Barbagia". So Ugo Cappellacci , deputy and regional coordinator of Forza Italia.

"By now the inflation of nonsense is triple-digit", writes on Twitter Pier Luigi Bersani .

For Romina Mura (Pd), president of the Labor Commission of the Chamber, “the electoral climate is clouding the clarity of judgment of some characters in search of an author. The mayor of Como knows that in Barbagia, when we were called to do so, we welcomed immigrants in the best way. With our usual culture, which is that of adding a seat at the table. If he wants there is a place for him too: he will have the opportunity to experience Sardinian hospitality. And also the pride of a people who know how to be respected ".

Meanwhile, there is apprehension about the possible effects of this externalization which risks raising the tension on the Serie B championship challenge to be held on Saturday 13 in Como against Cagliari .

THE REPLICA - Overwhelmed by criticism, the mayor wanted to have his say to clarify that he is "a lover of Sardinia" and has "many Sardinian friends." "I have referred to Barbagia only and exclusively because I know that it is an under-inhabited area. I have nothing against Sardinia and I also know their attachment to the land well: I did not consider that they could be offended nor was it my intent. example ”, he concluded.

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