Chiara Ferragni has formally filed two administrative appeals with the TAR of Lazio in which she requests the annulment of the provision with which last December the Antitrust inflicted on her companies "Fenice" and "Tbs Crew" a fine of over one million euros for alleged misleading advertising linked to the sale of the "Pink Christmas" pandoro.

The two appeals - as far as we know - will be entrusted to the first section of the administrative court. The fact has been confirmed that they do not contain any request for a precautionary measure, but only a request to schedule the hearing to discuss the merits which should be held by the end of June.

The accusation against Ferragni is that he said that part of the proceeds would go to the Regina Margherita hospital in Turin. Acknowledging that he had made a "communication error", Ferragni apologized in an official video and already donated one million euros to the hospital. But for the influencer's lawyers, the authority's sanction remains "completely disproportionate compared to the conduct of their client". Hence the appeal.


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