Murder in the Bergamo area .

51-year-old Sandra Fratus, following a violent argument with her 31-year-old Nigerian partner Ernest Emeror , would have stabbed the man to death and then tried to rescue him by giving him a heart massage.

This is what emerges from the reconstruction of the carabinieri of Treviglio, who arrived at the scene of the crime. It seems that the couple, cohabiting, had been living a relationship for some time made up of misunderstandings and disagreements.

The woman's 23-year-old son was the first to notice what happened, who arrived at the house after seeing that the mother had set her relationship status on Facebook to "widow". There were no other people in the house at the time of the crime.

Every attempt by 118 to resuscitate the man was in vain : the only stab wound inflicted was lethal. At the moment the accusation for the woman is of voluntary homicide aggravated by futile reasons. Regarding the incident, Fratus' lawyer reported that a situation of "profound discomfort and fragility" had reigned in the house for some time, specifying that the woman may have grabbed the knife in an attempt to defend herself.


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