Nine people, under investigation for various reasons for "production, possession, transfer of narcotic substances" and "port and illegal possession of common firearms", are the recipients of orders for the application of precautionary measures carried out this morning in the province of Reggio Calabria by the carabinieri of the provincial command.

The "Good" operation had begun in January last year when - during a road check - the Nicotera Marina soldiers arrested two minors from the Gioia Tauro plain, they were in possession of a few grams of marijuana. Immediate investigations made it possible to trace the identity of one of the current suspects, believed to be the one who had sold the drug to the two sixteen-year-olds.

The investigations made it possible to reconstruct a detailed picture that involved an entire family unit whose members are said to be the protagonists of at least 30 episodes of the sale, purchase or possession of drugs of various types, in particular marijuana and hashish .

And they are also held responsible for having held common firearms, namely two rifles and a pistol , some of which were carried along the public road. Furthermore, two of the suspects had boasted of having made, on New Year's Eve 2021, a target practice against the road signs in Contrada Tubà, a hamlet of Anoia where the family lives.

The toxicological tests on the seized plants made it possible to establish a THC equal to almost 5,000 doses. Two suspects ended up in prison, 5 under house arrest and two were required to submit to the Judicial Police.

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