Mario Draghi also ends up on the no vax black list.

The anti-vaccinists shared on Telegram the home address of the prime minister making an appointment "down there every evening at 21", complete with photos of the premier handcuffed and with a Hitler mustache.

"Share the phone numbers and addresses of criminals here", is the widespread appeal. In fact, there are other well-known personalities in the sights: the president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca, of Emilia-Romagna Stefano Bonaccini and of Friuli-Venezia Giulia Massimiliano Fedriga, the former prime minister Romano Prodi. But also the infectious disease specialists Massimo Galli and Matteo Bassetti.

In the group “Enough dictatorship! Official ”users are invited to" prepare a list of addresses and telephone numbers of the m ... fascist dictatorial criminals ".

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