Denis Verdini's house arrest has been revoked and he must return to prison .

This was decided by the supervisory court of Florence, which accuses him of having violated the provisions by participating in three dinners in Roman restaurants while serving his final 6-year sentence for the collapse of the Credito Cooperativo Fiorentino in the villa in Pian dei Giullari (Florence) .

Verdini was authorized to go to the dentist in Rome, but according to what was ascertained by the Gdf which investigated the Anas orders between October 2021 and January 2022 he went to the restaurant with his son Tommaso and other people.

After the arrest of Tommaso Verdini last December, the Surveillance Court opened proceedings and the hearing was held on 22 February. The general prosecutor's office had requested the revocation of house arrest for the former senator. In the courtroom Verdini, assisted by the lawyer Marco Rocchi, defended himself by explaining that he believed he could participate in the dinners, having been authorized to go to the dentist in Rome and to stay at my son's house.

But the judges did not agree with the Forza Italia senator, who now has to return to prison.


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