News coming for the isolation of positive people at Covid.

We are working to ensure that asymptomatic people can return to their activities after five days. We will shortly be presenting a bill on this ».

This was announced in response to a question from journalists by Health Minister Orazio Schillaci today in Campobasso, where he attended the inauguration of the academic year of the University of Molise.

Since taking office, the minister has said he is working to "simplify" the quarantine rules for positives. Rules that will soon become milder for the asymptomatic, who will be able to leave isolation after 5 days, " possibly also eliminating the final negative swab ", Schillaci says.

On the other hand, the minister has said it since taking office: «We are in a different phase of the Covid-19 disease, which today is not the one we saw three years ago. We keep our attention high, but we are confident that we can get out and we think it is important now to think about the many problems left behind with the pandemic, from waiting lists to cancer screenings ».


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