The 21-year-old suspected of murdering the girl found dead in the woods near Aosta has been arrested in Lyon. The news was given by the Grenoble prosecutor and relaunched by the French media.

The man, already on trial for acts of violence against the victim, will have to appear before the Grenoble Correctional Court in a few weeks. There was also an international arrest warrant on him on charges of murder, issued by the Aosta prosecutor's office .

The young man suspected of killing the 22-year-old was born in Italy, has Egyptian origins and lives in the town of Saint-Priest, in the Lyon area. The man had been wanted by the French authorities since the end of March for "violation of judicial control". The Grenoble Prosecutor's Office has also opened an investigation into the murder.

The investigations into the crime are conducted by the Carabinieri and coordinated by the prosecutor Manlio D'Ambrosi and the chief prosecutor Luca Ceccanti. The arrested boy had been seen in the area with the victim in the days before the crime.

Investigators are also answering another question. What were those two boys doing in God-forsaken places, in the middle of the woods in areas completely off the beaten track?

What pushed them there may have been the so-called "Urbex", the exploration of abandoned buildings . The two were looking for that abandoned village where the small ruined church is also located where the lifeless body of the girl stabbed to death was found on April 5th .

It was in the chapel dedicated to Santa Barbara that the inhabitants of Equilivaz found shelter during the flood of 6 June 1879, while the six houses of the village were reduced to ruins. A mass of melted snow and water flooding upstream, from the Vertosan torrent, dragged with it boulders and trees, ending up in the town and also overwhelming the livestock. Since then Equilivaz, reachable with a short walk from state road 26, has been uninhabited.


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