Amanda Knox and the former prosecutor in the Meredith Kercher case, Giuliano Mignini, met and embraced 16 years after the terrible crime that shocked the city of Perugia .

He, now retired, is the magistrate who kept the prosecution going by soliciting a life sentence for the American student. She was definitively acquitted. The meeting took place on June 17, 2022, when Amanda returned to Perugia and wanted to see the prosecutor who wanted her in jail. Circumstance confirmed by Mignini himself: «We embraced, now she is another person» .

The details of the meeting were revealed in the reprint of the magistrate's book "The Meredith Kercher Case - A Judicial Affair Between Two Continents". Amanda would have liked to meet Mignini a long time ago, he chose to wait for retirement. The opportunity thus arrived last June, when the woman from Seattle returned to Perugia, where she saw Raffaele Sollecito and, precisely, Mignini . Don Saulo Scarabattoli, the priest of the prison in which Amanda was imprisoned, acted as mediator.

Mignini has a theory as to why Amanda wanted to meet him: « I think she needed to talk to the man who found her guilty, to reset that pain . Even though I was the prosecutor, she felt she could trust me."

To the intermediaries, the former magistrate immediately explained that he would not change "one iota" of his thinking: " I tried to make you understand that the picture that emerged from the trial is far from being classified as a judicial error, but I was unable to convince you" .

The two had dinner in a restaurant on the outskirts of Perugia, Amanda's husband and daughter were also present: «The woman I met has nothing to do with the girl at the time. A new relationship was born between us, we write to each other and she sends me photos of the baby and best wishes on Thanksgiving day ».

Today Mignini no longer sees Amanda as a murderess: «I know her and I trust her, how could I consider her capable of doing anything bad? But trials are not done with feelings. What if I go back? Maybe I would see something again, but the basic system was that . Now I am conditioned and if the process were ever to reopen I would abstain".


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