A 20-year-old girl was raped by two men who first drugged her.

The violence occurred in Rome, in an apartment in the Casilino district.

According to what the victim said, she met her two tormentors through Instagram: they had invited her to have a drink together in a bar. Then they offered her a ride to take her to the subway stop but, with an excuse, they would instead take her to a house. There they would repeatedly rape her.

The girl's boyfriend, not having heard from her and having tried to call her several times, located her with an app: she was in front of a bar in Via Torrenova, and she was in a semi-unconscious condition. The 20-year-old explained what happened then fainted, only waking up in the emergency room where she was given a 40-day prognosis.

The two men are believed to be North Africans who also drugged her.

Police investigations are underway.


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