“Another legislative passage that makes the inclusion of the principle of insularity in the Constitution ever closer . With the recognition, in the short term, of the disadvantages deriving from the island condition, Sardinia will have one more reason to claim equal conditions, even at a European level ”.

Thus the President of the Region, Christian Solinas , who expressed satisfaction with the examination that has just ended to the Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Chamber of the proposed law of popular initiative for the recognition of the principle of insularity in the Constitution.

President Solinas, recalling what has been achieved up to now with the negotiations started during the Legislature, highlighted the need to continue with the claim of the rights of Sardinia both at national and at European level.

"We must continue along the path started on revenues, which thanks to the agreements ratified with the Government has led to a reduction of 77 million a year in the contribution to public finance - said the President - allowing Sardinia to save 308 million over the next four years, and has assigned the first 66 million to our island from 2021 to compensate for the higher costs incurred on the basis of the condition of insularity which become 100 million per year when fully operational, again as an advance, from 2022 (266 million in the three-year period, until new agreement ) ".

“It is necessary, with the support of the Government, to forcefully push forward our demands in Brussels as well”, continued President Solinas. Indicating the way forward: "We need a profound revision of European legislation to make it more responsive to the challenges of our territories, as recognized by the European Parliament itself at the beginning of July by approving the Omarjee resolution, which represented a fundamental step in the path towards recognition of the island dimension in the policies and legislation of the European Union ". "An important result - the conclusion - that initiates the desired path to restore dignity to over 20 million European citizens spread over approximately 2400 islands belonging to 13 Member States".

Meanwhile, the Region of Sardinia has been chosen by the Committee of the Regions to participate in the European Week of Regions and Cities , the main annual event dedicated to the regional policy of the European Union.

As leader of the partnership of the peripheral island regions of the Mediterranean consisting of Corsica (France), the Balearic Islands (Spain), Gozo (Malta), the Ionian Islands and Crete (Greece), the Region will have the task of organizing a political conference of the highest level that will focus on the theme of insularity.

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