A few weeks before the vote for the European elections on 8 and 9 June, Elly Schlein - leader of the Democratic Party in the elections in the Islands constituency, which includes Sicily and Sardinia - renounces including her name in the symbol.

He said it in a live Instagram broadcast: «It was proposed to include my name in the logo, a good discussion started, I thank those who made this proposal, but I think I can make the contribution by running alongside them, on this list . A proposal that is more divisive than strengthening and we don't need it ."

The Democratic Party secretary is running "because it is a crucial challenge". «I also want to lend a hand, I will be there, as a candidate, and I am running to bring the Democratic Party together as high as possible – she said – The socialist family is the only barrier to the advance of the right. We need all of us to get involved, I hope to help elect as many of these people as possible. We will need all your support because if together we win the alternative is already there and will be there tomorrow. There is a great desire for change and to ignite hope."

The only Sardinian candidate out of six names (for the moment, given that approximately three-quarters of the lists have been completed and there is time until May 1st to present them) is Angela Quaquero, from Cagliari born in 1953, former president of the Province from 2011 to 2013 .


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