An Italian girl, Dalila Procopio , was arrested in Istanbul two days ago during an unauthorized feminist march .

The young woman is reportedly doing well.

In the past he has had the opportunity to speak with family members , to whom he confirmed that for now he remains in custody in a police station in the city on the Bosphorus: today he will be transferred to a repatriation center to then probably be expelled.

After an experience as an Erasmus student in Turkey, Procopio had returned to Italy and had been in Istanbul since September on a tourist visa .

On Friday night she was taken to the barracks along with about 100 other girls who had decided to demonstrate in defiance of the ban imposed by the prefecture on the demonstration , convened on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, established by the United Nations.

The Italian Embassy in Ankara and the Italian Consulate in Istanbul are in contact with the girl's father and with the competent Turkish authorities and are following the case carefully .


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