A massive attack with 100 drones and dozens of missiles from Iran on the territory of Israel towards military and government targets. This is what the US expects to happen in the next 24-48 hours.

A "present, real and credible" threat, a response from Tehran after Israel's killing of a Pasdaran general in Damascus .

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's decision to convene a "security assessment" meeting also gives a sense of the emergency, while the United States has sent reinforcements to the area, including the Eisenhower aircraft carrier .

According to US intelligence, "multiple targets within Israel" could end up under attack and "tehran's allies could be involved" in the operation. American observers have noted that Iran is moving "military assets" ahead of an attack on Israel.

According to US sources cited by CBS, the attack could therefore consist of a massive launch of over 100 drones and dozens of missiles . A strategy - it was explained - which focuses on a large number of launches to overcome Israeli air defenses. The same sources, however, have not ruled out that Tehran - under international pressure and clear warnings from Israel and the USA - could opt for a smaller-scale operation in order to avoid a dramatic escalation.

US President Joe Biden also spoke last night: «I expect Iran to attempt to strike Israel in the short term, sooner rather than later, in retaliation for the attack in Syria. Don't do it, we are dedicated to the defense of Israel and we will support Israel."


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