Germany in shock following the attack on two 14-year-old girls , stabbed on their way to school in Illerkirchberg , a small town in Baden-Wurttemberg. One of the young women died of her wounds , while the second is hospitalized in serious condition.

The police have identified the person responsible: a 27-year-old of Eritrean origin , stopped in an accommodation for asylum seekers.

In giving the news of the arrest, the police appealed to citizens not to ban all refugees because of the atrocious act committed by the young man.

Two immigrants of the same nationality found on the spot were also arrested with the young Eritrean. The investigators want to question them to better clarify the dynamics of an attack that does not yet officially have a motive.

In fact, it is not clear whether the attacker acted in a targeted manner and whether he knew the two injured teenagers.

“Our community is shocked. The victim was little more than a child. We are all in mourning with the family,” said Illerkirchberg mayor Markus Haeussler.


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