With a bipartisan majority, and the flags of Ukraine waved in the chamber by various dem deputies, the US House approves, after an embarrassing stalemate of months, the bills on aid to Kiev, Israel and Taiwan for a total of 95 billion dollars , along with other measures ranging from a ban on TikTok to the use of frozen Russian assets.

A much-needed green light for Volodymr Zelensky , who rejoices in a decision "that keeps history on the right track" and that "will prevent the war from spreading and will save thousands of lives".

Applause also from EU leaders and from NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, according to whom the new package «makes us all safer, in Europe and North America» , while the Kremlin states that the aid package «will kill even more Ukrainians due to of the Kiev regime."

The vote comes in the wake of the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine and the ever-increasing difficulties on the Kiev front. 60 billion is expected , of which 23 will remain in the US to replenish the US arsenals, while 7.8 billion of direct financial aid to the Ukrainian budget will be in the form of a loan that can be canceled by the president after the elections on November 5: a concession in homage to Donald Trump, who if he returns to the White House will be able to demand the repayment of the sum.

There is also an obligation for the president to immediately transfer the long-range Atacms missiles to Ukraine , unless there is a risk to American national interests.

The Pentagon has made it known that it is ready to send the first war supply within a few days , after the approval of the Senate (expected next Tuesday) and Biden's immediate signature: Kiev could have new artillery pieces as early as next week , including 155 mm ammunition, and air defense systems, such as the Patriot.

For Israel (366 yes and 58 no, of which 37 Dem and 21 Gop) 26 billion has been allocated , largely intended to replenish the ally's arsenals. Nine, however, are for aid in Gaza and where there are other conflicts: a way to overcome the reservations of the progressive Democrats, worried about the growing humanitarian catastrophe in the Strip.

However, Israel is satisfied because US military aid "sends a strong message to our enemies." “They defend Western civilization,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In a third measure (the most voted, with 385 yes and 34 no, all Republicans) there are 8.1 billion for the Indo-Pacific (with Taiwan in the lion's share) in an anti-China perspective. The Chamber also approved measures for the ban on Tiktok (360 yes and 58 no) if it is not given up, provoking a reaction from the Chinese app which claims it is a violation of freedom of expression.


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