Yet another massacre in a US school and still children among the victims. Yesterday in Tennessee, a 28-year-old woman entered a private Christian institution in Nashville, carrying two rifles and a . Then he opened fire, killing six people, including at least 3 elementary school pupils . After the attack she was shot dead by the police.

The killer has been identified as Audrey Hale , a former student who, according to the first reconstructions "was resentful of having had to attend a Christian school ". The woman identified as transgender. According to the first investigations, the one carried out yesterday would be a targeted act developed after having monitored and studied in detail the plans and maps of the school. In the young woman's sights initially there would have been another school, but the choice would have fallen on the Christian one of Covenant because it has less effective security systems .

Hale had no criminal record and at least two of the handguns in her possession were allegedly obtained legally. “Shotguns in public with no license required and no bans on high-capacity ammunition magazines. Tennessee's laws are weak when it comes to guns», denounces Everytown for Gun Safety, the organization that – for some time – has been pushing for greater controls in the country. Also on the massacre is US President Joe Biden : « Congress must act and ban assault weapons . What happened is a nightmare. We must do more against gun violence, to protect schools lest they fail

become prisoners".


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