«A few hundred kilometers from here the brutal war of aggression unleashed by the Russian Federation is raging. The recent G7 Summit hosted by Italy confirmed that our desire to assist Ukraine will not waver and will continue as long as necessary." The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, said this, speaking from Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.

Mattarella also raised an alarm about fake news coming from Russia, which also reached Italy.

«There are acts of disinformation, we also record them in Italy and they are not from today. There is a multiplicity of websites, a widespread storm of fake news and these are unacceptable forms of hostility. I hope that rules of conduct are established by international institutions", said the Head of State.

In all this, an appeal for the EU, after the vote at the beginning of June, to complete the process for establishing the European Parliament and Commission as soon as possible.

«Within the Union there is a need for speed», underlined Mattarella, and «we must proceed without delay. We all experience the fact that problems arise quickly and each of these requires immediate and timely responses and if the EU is not able to respond in a timely manner the problems will be solved according to the choices of others. Problems do not wait for slow and delayed procedures,” he concluded.


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