An apartment building in Kharkiv was bombed.

The Kiev district of the city, Mayor Ihor Terekhov said, was hit by the Russians: « An S-300 missile hit a residential building causing a fire. There are victims ». The toll is at least one dead and three injured.

Meanwhile, the pressure from Kiev to receive even more powerful weapons continues. Volodymyr Zelensky's first request is for long-range missiles, but the real target is fighter jets .

Because the American Himars rocket launchers used up to now "have a range of 80 kilometers and cannot reach many of the occupied areas". Instead, with an endowment of "Atacms with a 300-kilometer radius, the Russian artillery placed far from the front, and which up to now has been able to strike cities undisturbed", underlined Zelensky, would be put under pressure .

The Ukrainian president will also try to bring down what until recently was considered taboo by the West, fighter jets .

About twenty, including US F16s, the French Rafale or the Swedish Gripen, are the wishes of the Air Force to modernize the Soviet-era fleet. This type of supply has already been requested in the past, but the novelty is that the Americans are not closing the door. Indeed, according to Politico, there is a group of military officials at the Pentagon who are lobbying in this direction .

However, Berlin does not want to hear about this: "Put this issue on the table would not be considered serious by public opinion," said Olaf Scholz, already recovering from the painful dispatch of Leopard tanks under pressure from the allies.

Furthermore, the German chancellor wants to reopen a dialogue and underlined that he wants to talk to Vladimir Putin again, a statement appreciated by the Kremlin: «I remain committed to avoiding an escalation that leads to a war between NATO and Russia, which is why I will speak again with Putin on the phone ».

On the ground, the hottest front of the fighting remains Donetsk, between the cities of Bakhmut and Vugledar. In the south, the Ukrainians reported yet another bombing of Kherson, which also allegedly hit a hospital. Causing at least three deaths. The pro-Russian authorities instead reported four victims following an attack by Kiev on a bridge in the Melitopol district.


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