After Thuram also Mbappé against Marine Le Pen.

«We are at a crucial moment in the country's history, and you have to see your priorities - said the French champion – We are citizens first and foremost, we must not be disconnected from the world. We find ourselves in an unprecedented situation. I want to address all French people and especially young people: we see that extremists are at the gates of power. We have the possibility to change everything, and we must identify with the values of tolerance, respect, diversity. Every voice counts. I share the same values as Marcus, I'm on his side."

«We must go and vote, and fight day after day so that the Rassemblement National does not win», were Thuram's words at the press conference in the Paderborn retreat, in view of the early legislative elections of 30 June and 7 July . «I am against the divisive ideas - Mbappé echoes them today - and of course I'm with him (Thuram ed.). For me, he wasn't wrong, there is freedom of expression here. I hope we will make the right choice and that we will be proud to wear this shirt again on July 7th."

Regarding tomorrow's match, at 9pm against Austria in Dusseldorf, Les Bleus' debut at the European Championships, «it is very important but there is a situation that is even more important. This didn't stop us from preparing well for tomorrow's match. Of course it's a different situation but we are great players and we have to adapt."

According to Thuram, the other national team teammates «I have no doubts, they all agree with me. Then, we are in a free country, everyone must do what they feel, what they think is right. One can be more reserved on these topics, but I repeat, I have no doubts, all Les Bleus think like me." «Saying “go and vote” is not enough. We need to explain how we got to this point, talk about the gravity of the situation. For me it's not difficult, it depends on my personality, on the education I received."


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