“Whoever passed the sentence knows full well that not a single penny of the London deal ended up in my pocket, and they also know that I don't own any property except an old 2001 Mazda.”

Cardinal Angelo Becciu speaks to the German newspaper Die Zeit in an article entitled "My innocence gives me comfort". And he reiterates his innocence: «Some of the most prestigious jurists in Italy have made severe criticisms regarding the trial. I think above all of Cardinal Herranz and the university professors Paolo Cavana and Geraldina Boni."

«I want the appeal process to prove my innocence. To clarify the origins of this affair once and for all, I also hope that the statements of the witnesses will be declassified , in particular the over one hundred chats between the Vatican Promoter of Justice and a witness", continues the prelate. When asked by journalists about the working methods in the Vatican offices , Becciu recalls that as Deputy he was «responsible for seventeen departments, one of which administered the funds of the Secretariat of State»: «We worked together in a climate of trust - says Becciu - The task of this administrative office was to propose investments, while mine was to give the final approval. I have always accepted the proposals presented to me. Our duty was to work in favor of the Holy See, and our experts were respected by everyone."

The former Deputy at the Vatican Secretariat of State explains: « I am not responsible for any loss , as I acted with the authorization of my superiors, following the standard procedure of the Secretariat of State. And why is an investment, even if wrong, considered a crime? This question has tormented me every day since the sentence was pronounced on December 16, 2023. Why was I convicted?”.

For Cardinal Becciu, the accusation of having used the money intended for the release of a nun for illicit purposes is "absurd and offensive": "Would I have taken advantage of the kidnapping of a nun in the guise of an expert priest and diplomat? I'm certainly not that cynical! The accusation was so absurd that a lawyer for the civil party, Professor Giovanni Maria Flick, representative of APSA, asked for my acquittal." While regarding the sums of money sent to Caritas of the Diocese of Ozieri, the prelate recalls that he acted «at the request of the bishops of my diocese in Sardinia»: «They asked me for help for their charitable works in 2015 and 2018 - specifies Becciu - Such donations were fully within my powers. The court also established that the money did not end up in my brother's pocket, but in the Caritas account of the diocese ." «I am suffering - concludes Angelo Becciu - and what pains me the most is to think that the Pope could believe even for just a minute that I lied to him. Especially now that we are at Easter."


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