The photo with the beautiful model and Suicide Girl of Sardinian origin and the winking comment, in perfect Sgarbi style: “A lot of stuff this year at Etna Comics. I will return for the next edition ".

The art critic participated in what is called the Lucca Comics of the south, the meeting on eros in the world of art and comics. And he shared on Instagram a photo of him with Riae, aka Ria Elisabeth Mac Carthy .

Half Irish and half Sardinian: “My mother left Sardinia to go and learn English. I lived in Ireland until I was two, then we returned to Sardinia, where I grew up between Padru, Olbia and Arzachena ”, says Ria Elisabeth, who chose the name Riae to join“ Suicide Girls ”.

But who are the Suicide Girls? A group of women born in 2001, which aims to show beautiful, punk, heavily tattooed and naked or semi-naked girls. "Suicide" does not mean harming or killing oneself, on the contrary, it means the death of moralisms and respectability on the figure of the woman, which is all in the intentions of the Suicide Girls except the angel of the hearth.

They tattoo their bodies, pose naked or almost, but nothing to do with pronography, explained Riae herself: “It's all about soft porn”. The first tattoo at 14, then her father showed her an article in which she was told about the Suicide Girls: “Look, I'm like you”. She had colored dreadlock hair, she kept that article and after a few years she managed to join the group, of which she is now one of the most famous Italians with 4.5 million followers on Instagram .

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