Investigations closed and request for indictment already notified (with the Gup hearing set in Tempio for November 28th) for the shipwreck that cost the life of German manager Dean Kronsbein.

The events date back to the late evening of 31 July 2022 and occurred in a stretch of sea in front of Porto Cervo, between the islets of Rocche and Li Nibani.

Kronsbein, 63 years old, (CEO of the Ultrafilter Medica company) was on his yacht Amore, and lost his life after a disastrous fall following the impact of the vessel on the rocks. The victim violently hit the dashboard console; investigations (conducted by the Porto Cervo Coast Guard) speak of spinal cord shock and consequent cardiac arrest.

The recipients of the request for indictment (hypothesized crimes, shipwreck and manslaughter) are the captains of the yachts Amore (owned by the victim) and Sweet Dragon (boat owned by the Berlusconi family).

The commander of Amore is Mario Lallone, 68 years old, his colleague is Luigi Cortese, 58 years old, skipper of Sweet Dragon. The Coast Guard speaks openly of the excessive speed of the two boats and navigation in a section of sea that is prohibited because it is too close to the coast.

The boats Amore and Sweet Dragon would have entered a collision course and the former would have made a turn to the left and ended up on the rocks. The two commanders are defended by lawyers Egidio Caredda and Fabio Varone.

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