The Golden Lion, the result of an initiative of the Lions Club Cagliari Host, started in 1964, was awarded to scholars, doctors, artists, sports managers, economists, historians, scientists, journalists, magistrates who have brought prestige to Cagliari and to the entire island. The list of those awarded for merit acquired in the field recalls biographies and events that are an integral part of the history, even recent, of Sardinia.

After Antonio Maxia Arangino, Giuseppe Brotzu, Enrico Endrich, Giuseppe Villasanta, Giovanni Lilliu, Licinio Contu, Gianluigi Gessa, Francesco Cesare Casula, Salvatore Morittu received the honor. Valentino Martelli. Pinuccio Sciola, Maria Giovanna Marrosu, Gianni Filippini, Paolo Savona, Angelo Binaghi.

A picture to be updated with the name of the publisher of the L'Unione Sarda group Sergio Zuncheddu, who received the statuette during the ceremony which took place this evening at Villa Fanny.

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