“They envy me. They hurt. It is a path that I did not choose. Because it is difficult. There is suffering. It is too easy to dismiss it like this ”.

Thus Enzo Ghinazzi, aka Pupo , about polygamy and his sentimental situation, which sees him living - for some time now - with his wife Anna, 69, and with his lover, Patricia, 62 .

The 67-year-old singer told himself in an interview with Corriere.

And speaking of her out-of-the-box bond, she said: “Can I recommend my three daughters or anyone else to have a multi-loving relationship like mine? But I don't even think about it . I was saying: wasted envy. Like that of those who envy Berlusconi, the president of the United States or the billionaires and know nothing about what it means to face paths of this kind ... Then life is also luck, not just skill . I do not regret my sentimental path that today would be easier to deal with. I dealt with two special women . I'm not the special one, it's them ".

And again: “ Polygamy is a widespread, majority reality on the planet . Our culture, education and religion prevent us from being polygamous. I have paid and I am paying the consequences of my choices made in the light of the sun ".

On the music, Pupo confirmed that he has no intention of quitting. On the contrary. “I'm about to leave - he announces - with a tour that will touch the whole world in two years . I will finally have the chance to play live on stage. And do you know why all the concerts are already sold out? Not just to hear those ten very well known and popular songs. No. The public comes to hear my life ”.

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