Elpidio D'Ambra, the 31-year-old arrested yesterday afternoon for the murder of Rosa Alfieri, the girl found lifeless in the house of Grumo Nevano, in the province of Naples, where the man lived, confessed to the crime, however denying the violence against the young woman.

Listened to by the investigators of the Bagnoli Police Station, where D'Ambra was taken immediately after being blocked by the policemen, he confessed before the deputy prosecutor of North Naples and the Public Security manager.

D'Ambra had been stopped yesterday evening after a "manhunt" that lasted almost 24 hours. The young man, who had lost track of him, was forced to go to the San Paolo hospital in Naples due to an illness, where he was recognized by two police officers.

Rosa Alfieri was found killed, presumably strangled, in the one-room apartment on the ground floor of a building in via Risorgimento, owned by her family, which D'Ambra had rented two weeks ago.

Now we await the outcome of the autopsy to give certainty to a picture full of shadows.

Rosa's body was found by her father, who, no longer finding his daughter, broke through the door of D'Ambra, who in the meantime had escaped, finding the body of the 23-year-old in the bathroom, lifeless, with a cloth in his mouth.

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