Moments of tension at the Luigi Nono comprehensive school in Mira , in the Venetian area , where in recent days a professor attacked the school principal in front of the eyes of students and administrative assistants.

The manager - Paolo Parolini , 35 years old already known for being one of the youngest principals in Italy - remedied a couple of punches thrown in the stomach by the fixed-term teacher, in service at the school. According to what was reconstructed, the teacher would have been reminded of an appointment with some parents who had asked to meet him. "Maybe he experienced my intervention badly and from there the situation degenerated," Parolini tells Corriere della Sera. “First the teacher yelled at me and told me to leave him alone. Then despite my repeated request to calm down and talk about it in a different place than a school corridor he started hitting me once, twice, three times ».

The first shot was dodged , the others hit. The administrative assistants who came out of the teaching secretariat intervened and physically blocked the attacker . «I went to the emergency room, the prognosis they gave me is a few days . In the past there have been disciplinary measures against the professor. Now, however, the new will become criminal law», explains Parolini, after reporting the incident. Now it is up to the Veneto regional school office to decide what will be the fate of the substitute teacher who, however, will not be in class on Monday. "We have suspended him pending the definition of the serious disciplinary measure and in these hours we have summoned a replacement ", concludes the school director.


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