Insularity has returned to the Constitution, now the phase of implementation of the principle has begun. The resolution approved by the special commission of the regional council marks a fundamental step in this direction.

"The act commits the President of the Region and the Council to set up a technical body composed of experts in constitutional law, community policies and economics and in charge of monitoring laws, preparing a plan of interventions to overcome the island gap" , explained the president of the special parliamentary Michele Cossa, illustrating the resolution.

The monitoring of measures also concerns the preparatory phase with the assessment of adherence to the constitutional provision , reporting in particular any critical issues to the parliamentarians, and to the Council of any laws to be challenged because they were adopted in violation of Article 119.

The intervention plan will be aimed at external and internal accessibility of Sardinia , territorial continuity , energy supply issues , the recovery of the infrastructural gap, the adoption of fiscal measures suitable to support the competitiveness of the island, in the preparation of the work of the table on Insularity established on the basis of the State-Region agreement of 2019.

Missing, according to the deputy of the Democratic Party Andrea Frailis who participated in the meeting organized by Cossa, "a reference to the role of the school and the university , which is not included among the urgencies listed in the resolution". Senator Dem Gianni Marilotti pointed out that on the implementation phase "we are already late". Senator Emilio Floris (Forza Italia) has launched an appeal so that "the technical body envisaged in the resolution does not have limited competence on Sardinian issues but concerns all the islands". The senator of the Lega Lina Lunesu finally recalled that "five years have passed, so the process for the insertion has not been so fast, now we have to speed up the implementation of the principle".

Some members of the special commission also participated in the presentation of the resolution, including the coordinator of the Lega Dario Giagoni and the group leader of LeU Eugenio Lai and Antonello Peru (Sardinia in the center).

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