No super Green pass, no hotel, a rule that certainly also applies to the famous and luxurious Danieli hotel in Venice: so when the management realized, a week ago, that the star John Malkovich had his vaccination documentation expired, they had to invite the guest to leave without letting him occupy the luxury suite that had been prepared for the occasion.

The actor and director was in the lagoon to shoot some scenes of "Ripley", an American Showtime television series, remake of "The talent of Mr Ripley" and inspired by the novels of Patricia Highsmith.

Rejected from the hotel, the actor hasn't lost his phlegmatic air anyway. He cheated the wait by shopping in a nearby supermarket before finding hospitality, thanks to the production, in a nearby and exclusive building overlooking the lagoon.

The director of Danieli Gianrico Esposito does not want to reveal anything about what happened, appealing to privacy.

"If what is being told has happened - he merely says - it means that the hotel has acted in full legality, applying the provisions of the government's Covid decree".

Sources close to the production confirm the episode and the detail of the expired green pass, but do not provide any other details, except to assure that the crew and the cast engaged are undergoing tampons every day thanks to the mobile medical facility set up in the Pietà complex. a few steps from Piazza San Marco.

Amidst sudden illnesses and postponements, the Venetian filming of "Ripley", which began immediately after the Epiphany after the stops in Anzio, Naples and the Amalfi Coast, are continuing, albeit with difficulty. In these hours we are shooting at Palazzo Contarini Polignac, in the Dorsoduro district, a residence overlooking the Grand Canal that also impressed Claude Monet, to the point that he depicted the Renaissance facade in a 1908 painting.

A week ago, about a hundred members of the crew left for Covid. A fate not unlike what happened in the autumn of 2020 in the lagoon for the filming of "Mission Impossible 7" with Tom Cruise, marked by continuous stops due to the positivity to the virus.

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