"I have the right to live but also to die in peace".

It is a moved and distraught Gina Lollobrigida who, in tears, tells of her endless battle that has been going on for years with her family, with blows of papers stamped in the Court.

The diva loved by everyone, now 94 years old and once defined the most beautiful in the world, appears tired and almost surrendered on Domenica In, in front of Mara Venier who - shortly before the fall that will cause the early end of the transmission - tries to give her courage : “Remember that you are the Bersagliera, come on, I've never seen you so downcast”.

The actress has been fighting for years with her son Milco Skofic and grandson Dimitri: “Life is mine and I do what I want with it,” she says with red eyes.

There is the Spanish story, the bond with the Spanish entrepreneur Javier Rigau (discovered when she was 79, he was 45, but it dates back to the 70s) and a marriage with the deception canceled by the Sacra Rota. Now the one with Andrea Piazzolla, his former factotum: “For me he is like a son - says Gina -, he is next to me like a son and has helped me to move forward. His daughter is named after me, he has never been wrong. He is a good person and for helping me he is in terrible trouble ”.

"Life is mine - claims the diva - and I do what I want with it. Giving gifts to Andrea and his family is something that concerns me and no one else." Piazzolla, who managed the assets of Lollobrigida, is on trial for Circumvention of incapable It seems that there are shortages of millionaires and many precious objects - we are talking about 350 assets owned by the actress - put up for sale at auction houses through an intermediary, Antonio Salvi, who has also ended up in trial.

In October, the Supreme Court validated the decree of opening the support administration for the diva following a legal action brought by his son Milco, who asked the judges to put his mother's assets in safe hands. Skofic had also asked for protection for the ordinary management of the mother's life, but the judges considered that the actress is able to make her own decisions for everyday life. Not those, however, that concern the management of money, companies and real estate.

Speaking of the son, had by the Slavic doctor Skofic whom he married in 1949, Lollobrigida says: “The thing that most humiliates me and gives me pain is him. It hurts me, I have done good and he and as a result he is against me because I want to do what I want with my life. They confiscated all my properties, a disgraceful treatment. I don't want to see him anymore ”.

His new lawyer Antonio Ingroia in connection explains the case that has been dragging on for some time to then comment "as a Bersagliera in recent years it has been targeted". The Lollobrigida is a raging river: “I feel humiliated because they should let me die in peace. I don't deserve this, they are furious against me ”.

Yesterday, again on Rai1, Marco Liorni gave space to the lawyers of Milco and Dimitri Skofic, who read a letter: "It is false that our clients have ever taken legal action against Gina Lollobrigida. On the contrary, moved by unchanged and lively affection. concern for the shameful annihilation of her assets for the benefit of Mr. Piazzolla and his circle, they turned to the competent Authority to ascertain the facts and take the appropriate measures. The health conditions of Gina Lollobrigida were ascertained both in criminal proceedings and in civil matters, by leading experts in forensic psychiatry through non-partisan expertise, but requested and supervised by impartial judges, following all the rules of science and of the contradictory. Their result is unequivocal and unequivocal ".

The new lawyer of Lollobrigida Antonio Ingroia, in connection with Domenica In, said that in recent years the diva "has been targeted as a bersagliera".

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