The vaccine "doesn't work, it's disappointing".

Storm on the words of actress Diana Del Bufalo who in a live Instagram expressed herself as follows on the coronavirus vaccine: “I think it is very disappointing. If it is destiny I will take it, I try to be careful. They sold the vaccine as 'if you get vaccinated you can do anything', many have thought so ".

Statements that have sparked an avalanche of controversy. So much so that Amici's former student had to intervene again: "I'll explain everything with the utmost clarity because that's what I am, a clear person: it's true, I'm not vaccinated because I was advised against by my general practitioner, alas for via family genetics I have a dancing heart, nothing serious but I monitor it anyway ".

“I felt inside me that I wanted to listen to my doctor and so I did - he added -. Clearly the insults I am receiving are the result of this society where diversity is not accepted ... I take note of it, with a bit of regret ... it will seem absurd but I also understand this. A (virtual) hug ".

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