The M5S deputy Alessandra Todde is the official candidate for governor of Campo Largo for the 2024 regional elections. The coalition decreed this a short while ago at the table gathered in the regional headquarters of the Democratic Party in via Emilia in Cagliari.

Shortly afterwards, the five-star parliamentarian herself arrived at the summit. «I am happy, I believe that today is a fundamental day to continue with this coalition of the progressive camp - she said - I am proud to represent this coalition, that we will be able to bring a program for the Sardinians, from tomorrow we will be out to talk to the Sardinians and convince every person we meet on the street that we are the best alternative to the worst government this region has ever had. We must mend ties with everyone, we must be open, inclusive and in dialogue, because the right is fighting with maximum compactness and maximum unity, I believe we can be convincing."

Now the presidential candidate is meeting with the secretaries of the coalition.

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