One hundred and forty bronze olives, one of which is "giant", will emerge from the lawn in front of the Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi to send a message of peace and hope to the world on Palm Sunday.

We are talking about the sculptural installation by the Sardinian artist Giuseppe Carta , which pays homage to the Franciscan values and to the seraphic city with a singular exhibition project, which will be inaugurated on 2nd April at 11.30, in the presence of the mayor of Assisi, Stefania Proietti, l he Councilor for Tourism Fabrizio Leggio and the keeper of the Sacred Convent of Assisi, fra Marco Moroni.

The work is called "Germination of Peace" and will be placed in one of the symbolic places of Assisi and of Franciscanism, thanks to the collaboration between the Municipality and the Sacred Convent.

The sculptural installation by Giuseppe Carta, born in 1950, originally from Banari (Sassari), an internationally renowned painter and sculptor, marries the profound spirituality of the figure of Saint Francis and celebrates his message of peace and brotherhood, which he has illuminated for over eight centuries the whole humanity. The artist embraces the word of St. Francis and his Canticle of the Creatures with great admiration.

«The olive tree and its precious fruits, the olives - explains the artist - permeated by an unchanged sacredness, which goes beyond time reaching us with greater and growing emphasis and which accompanies the history and the evolution of human knowledge, are absolute carriers of peace and faith. Special thanks to Costa d'Oro, expression of the Italian and Umbrian olive oil culture and main sponsor of the project, and to Cesare Carloni for the constructive dialogue».

The work combines the powerful spirituality which pervades Assisi, with the exaltation of the message of peace which the olive carries, which at the same time represents and celebrates nature and the Umbrian lands full of olive trees.

The particular exhibition will have the scenographic direction of the architect Alberto Bartalini and will be presented to the public as a large family composed as follows: 140 olives of dimensions between 55 and 150 cm; an olive of monumental dimensions which ideally represents the generating force of the mother who gives life and for this reason defined as the "mother olive"; an olive branch with a strong evocative value that reproduces the triple repetition of olives and leaves.

«It is a particular and highly symbolic work of art – underlines the Councilor for Tourism of the Municipality of Assisi, Fabrizio Leggio – through which it is possible to strengthen the message of peace and hope that Assisi evokes every day. The singular installation will also be a further useful element for the tourist promotion of the city during the Easter holidays. We thank the Sacred Convent for their collaboration and the artist for having made the work available to the Assisi community».


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