«We are ready for dialogue with Ukraine. If it were not for the position of the West, the fighting in Ukraine would have stopped a year and a half ago." Russian President Vladimir Putin said this in an interview, quoted by Interfax.

“The Russian Federation even after the start of the special operation tried to put an end to the conflict, but Ukraine did not want it,” added the Kremlin leader.

To the question “why did Russia not launch the special military operation in Ukraine earlier?”, Putin replied: “We hoped for the decency of our partners,” referring to the implementation of the Minsk agreements. «Moscow – he continued – did not know that the Europeans would not implement them».

Words, those of the Russian president, which would suggest possible glimmers of hope for the resumption of negotiations? Perhaps. Certainly, the latest statements by the vice-president of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev , who wrote on Telegram, were of a completely different tone: «The attempts to bring Russia back within the 1991 borders will lead to only one thing: towards a global war with Western countries using the entire strategic arsenal of our state against Kiev, Berlin, London, Washington and against all other beautiful historical places that have long been included in the objectives of our nuclear triad."


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