Alexei Navalny was the victim of "sudden death syndrome" and his body will not be returned to his family until the end of the investigation.

This is Moscow's version, of which the mother of the dissident who died yesterday in prison was informed. “When the lawyer and Alexei's mother arrived at the penal colony this morning, they were told that the cause of Navalny's death was sudden death syndrome,” Ivan Zhdanov, who heads the Anti-Corruption Foundation of Navalny . “Sudden death syndrome” is a general term for various cardiac syndromes that cause sudden cardiac arrest and death , reports the Guardian.

Navalny's body, the Russian dissident's collaborators informed, is not in the morgue that had been indicated by the Russian authorities. The lawyer who arrived in the city of Salekhard today with Navalny's mother - Lyudmila - called a morgue number and was told that "Alexei's body is not there" , as the prison had announced in which he died.

Spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh accused the Russian authorities of "lying" about the causes of the death of Putin's opponent and number one enemy , who was said to have suddenly fallen ill while taking a walk, and of trying to "do everything not to hand over the his body."

THE STOP PEOPLE – Meanwhile, the number of Russian pro-Navalny protesters stopped since yesterday has risen to over 350: this was reported by the human rights NGO OVD-Info, as reported by the Guardian. At least 212 people were stopped between yesterday and today during events organized in Russia in his memory: it is the largest wave of protest arrests in 18 months. The police, according to the NGO, stopped at least 109 people in St. Petersburg and at least 39 in Moscow, the two largest cities in the country. But the group also reported stops in smaller cities across Russia: from the border town of Belgorod, where seven people were killed Thursday in a Ukrainian missile attack, to Vorkuta, a mining outpost in the Arctic.


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