Fixed place farewell and escape from public competitions? It happens in the North - as the Minister of Infrastructure Enrico Giovannini recently denounced - on the contrary in Sardinia the questions for the next selections are an avalanche. For 60 seats in the Regional Council - various professional profiles - there are as many as 26,377 candidates; for the call of 78 agents of the Forestry Corps, the participants were 12,347. While the Laore and Aspal rankings are still to be absorbed, with over a thousand eligible who, if and when they are contracted, will toast with champagne.

The goal

Giovannini said in a hearing to the Transport Commission of the Chamber that "recent recruitments for motorizations and administrations have been partially deserted, of the 320 administration officials put in the competition, a substantial portion has given up avoiding taking up service unless a location is indicated to the south". And the same thing - he added - "we fear it will happen for the first competition for engineers". The fact is - mainly - that wages are not considered attractive where the cost of living is very high.

The situation is different here. "The general crisis and the spread of atypical and seasonal contracts, which do not ensure a constant and adequate income at the cost of living, push the Sardinians towards the search for a permanent job: a goal that is still coveted especially if the offer comes from the Public Administration" , underlines the general secretary of the regional CGIL Samuele Piddiu. "If it is true that recent national surveys have highlighted the gap between public and private salaries to the advantage of the latter and the dissatisfaction of public sector workers, this mainly concerns the North where the labor market is still dynamic while here in Sardinia it is structurally weak and in addition the average annual wages are even lower than the Italian one. It is evident that in these conditions the prospect of stability guaranteed by the public post becomes attractive ”.

A coveted place

The Regional Council for the recruitment of 12 council referendums received 2,521 applications, for 15 usher posts as many as 7,694 requests. Now, if the latter is the most popular role but obviously with the lowest salary, the basic gross annual salary of a referendum exceeds 42 thousand euros. "There is the race to the Palazzo in via Roma because it is one of the most prestigious institutional places to work", explains the regional councilor of the Pd Piero Comandini. "Both from an economic point of view, because here the salaries have always been higher even than those of colleagues in the Region, and also for the quality: whether you are a clerk or a referendum, you are directly at contact with legislative activity ".

The Forestry Corps

In the meantime, the tests to hire Forestry Corps agents are starting, after 18 years of stasis. On June 13, 14 and 15, young people aged 18 to 30 who responded to the call will be called and - despite the initial salary being around 17,400 euros gross a year - the Region shows a "great expectation and the desire to be part of a large group of highly specialized men committed to defending the environment ». Today the Forestry Corps - said the President of the Region Christian Solinas - has considerably expanded its competences, it is a structure spread throughout the region, which operates through 7 territorial services, 82 forest stations, 10 naval bases, reporting directly to the Presidency ».

The numbers

Says the regional councilor of the Psd'Az Piero Maieli: «It is true that the questions are many, but then you have to see how many actually arise. It is a problem, as the mayor of Cagliari also said, many sign up but then desert, we have also seen it for the Laore competitions, 70% did not participate. So much so that I have proposed to establish a "participation fee", a fee which is then returned when you go to take the test. Unfortunately, many have the false belief that it is necessary to be "coupled", so they give up at the start. And they are wrong ».

Having said this, «we as a mission in the electoral program have competitions among the main points», continues Maieli, «both because we have to create stable jobs, and because we have to repopulate the empty offices and give answers to the citizens. I hope that the next one, in September, will be that of the Forestry Authority announced several times ».

Cristina Cossu

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