A competitive, fair, identifying, accessible, connected, clean, innovative, participatory, qualified and open Sardinia. This is how the Cinquestelle Movement imagines it, which today brought together leaders and supporters in Tramatza to trace its political path framed in a manifesto in view of the next regional elections of 2024 .

A 10-point document was discussed which should be the starting point for future alliances. The political laboratory is that of Assemini, where M5s presented itself with the Democratic Party in the race to reconquer the Municipality, the only center that goes to the ballot next weekend: the experimental coalition sees Diego Corrias in comparison with a former grillino, Mario Puddu.

For the pentastellati it is a question of focusing on the construction of a development model for Sardinia based on the proposed cornerstones «through a new political revolution based on territorial vocations, on the rediscovery of one's own identity, on innovation and capable of grasping the change already underway especially among young people." A model to be built together with the civic, autonomous and progressive forces of the island "that accompany the community to confront the fundamental values of life, making it aware and ready for the challenges of the future".

For the next five years, M5s is proposing a project that generates «the conditions for Sardinia to arrive prepared for the race towards new development and work models. A program that favors health, innovation, the environment, education and transport in a coordinated and synergistic way».

«Today is a beautiful day for the Sardinian 5 Star Movement» says the M5s vice president Alessandra Todde, «We met in Tramatza to think together on a proposal for a political and programmatic manifesto, which encompasses our ideas in ten commitments to transform Sardinia, creating the conditions to face but above all to build our future with confidence. An important opportunity for discussion with the members of the Movement, which is essential for laying the foundations of our regional programme".


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