The “frontal” lesson, the one from the teacher's desk, is sometimes not enough. And then, to understand what can happen if the world is invaded by plastic, you have to “touch it with your hand”.

This is the claim of the Sardinian artist and teacher from Sindia, Nicola Mette, who with a group of Lombard students, the first G of the Martiri della Libertà school in Sesto San Giovanni, in Milan, gave life to the performance "Monouso", with the involvement of the Plastic free association.

The preparation work was intense, with the main day providing for the setting up of a classroom full of plastic with bottles, containers, bags of snacks that the families of the children collected in an entire week, simulating a plastic island in the ocean and plastic scattered throughout the planet.

There will be four working groups: the first will swim inside the plastic both with life jackets and free body, the second will play with a shovel and bucket, the third group will stand still submerged by the plastic and finally, the fourth group, will hold in the mouth a piece of plastic.

The artist, teacher and performer will be inside a transparent plastic bag and simulate fish and turtles, wedged inside envelopes and completely tied with ropes and nets.

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