Solinas in Udine together with Salvini and all the Northern League governors to support the re-nomination of Massimiliano Fedriga in Friuli Venezia Giulia a few days before the regional elections which will be held on 2 and 3 April.

Luca Zaia (Veneto), Attilio Fontana (Lombardy), Maurizio Fugatti (Province of Trento) and Donatella Tesei (Umbria) arrived in the Friulian capital together with the Sardinian president.

The leitmotif of the electoral event is differentiated autonomy as an opportunity for "efficiency".

"Differentiated autonomy does not scare, it is a fact of maturity of the country, a strong incentive to gain effectiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness," said Solinas. "There will be more efficiency, more speed and the demonstration of who is capable of administering and who is not", echoed Fontana.

«It means going back to being masters in our house. They say it is the secession of the rich, that we want to split the nation, rubbish », the attack by Luca Zaia.

"Now we await the third victory of the center-right in 2023", Matteo Salvini hoped instead, while Fedriga took stock of the five years at the helm of the regional executive and recalled that "it was not a president who governed, but an entire arrived".


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