The principle of insularity in the Constitution has arrived "but now Sardinia needs adequate responses" in the face of delays in energy, infrastructure, transport and territorial continuity. "I know well the problems of a land that I have frequented since I was a child". The secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta remembers his island origins ("my mother is Sardinian") as he prepares for the strange Ferragosto struggling with the closing of the electoral lists. In our thoughts there is always the very fast electoral campaign that will lead to the vote on 25 September. "Shocking interventions are needed to help families crushed by a dramatic economic crisis".

For observers, Meloni-Letta is increasingly a challenge.

«I have respect for the opponents. And therefore also for Giorgia Meloni and for the electoral campaign she is running ».

It almost looks like a love letter.

"Hand. She plays her game. I have the crucial task of making the difference between the two Italies we are proposing evident to the Italians. A very marked, radical difference. The right wants to take a path that frustrates a lot of progress in recent years. We say: Italy cannot go back ».

These days there is a battle over the direct election of the President of the Republic. The Fdi leader really believes in it.

«I believe that the presidential shortcut is constitutive of the culture of the Italian right. A culture that always seeks the easiest and most superficial way. The idea of telling citizens: let's give all power to one. It is the culture of the strong man, of the strong woman, in this case. A culture that is badly suited to the soul of this country. And above all it is against our Constitution ».

The center-right is ready to change the Constitution to get to presidentialism.

«It is good to know that presidentialism with this logic is banned by our Constitution. The Republican Charter was born exactly in an anti-presidential key ».

Why are you talking about resistance to the Constitution?

“When we say we have to organize resistance for the Constitution if they win, we are serious. Presidentialism is not an adjustment of the Constitution: it means changing the Charter in depth. It is very serious. This is why I want to make a pact as broad as possible for the defense of our fundamental charter ».

Speaking of a large pact, you have to deal with Calenda's tear.

«I don't want to talk about it anymore, I prefer to think about the future. I am very pragmatic: let's look ahead ».

And the relations with Conte and the 5 Star Movement?

«I am thinking of the electoral campaign, of the vote. And we are in competition. Point".

In your coalition there are areas on the left that were in opposition. And what happens to the Draghi agenda?

«It seems fundamental to me that the idea of Italy that was built by the Draghi government can go on and can do so also with the elections. In the sense that the vote to the right, starting from presidentialism but also coming to issues in tax matters, is a vote against the Draghi agenda. With follies like the flat tax ».

You have proposed a new monthly salary for workers. But is it really sustainable?

"It is important to make a shock reduction in taxes on labor, which can then turn into an extra month's salary for our workers, our workers".

Italians are grappling with a dramatic economic situation. Inflation and price increases do not stop.

“You need strength to hold up the economic situation with inflation at eight percent and with wages that unfortunately are among the lowest in European countries. There is a dramatic scenario for families and we must absolutely intervene ».

The principle of insularity was recognized in the Constitution, but now Sardinia is waiting for concrete interventions.

«I know Sardinia and the Sardinian situation well for family reasons. My mother is Sardinian. The island has been waiting for adequate interventions for too long. And the application of constitutional principles is done together, not with leaps forward as one would like to do with presidentialism ».

Is the island also in your electoral stages in view of the vote?

«Of course I will come to Sardinia. And I'm happy to do it ».

The mid-August lunch turned into a meeting to close the lists.

"We have to run, there are very short bureaucratic times for this daring condition that the parties are finding."

The elections in September?

"Unfortunately, there was no choice after Conte and the right brought down the government."

Here comes the cut of the parliamentarians. Places are few and coveted.

"There is an objective bottleneck that contributes to making the job difficult".

You have to mediate with the many candidacies of the outgoing.

"The dramatic thing is that by removing a third of the parliamentarians, the turnover, which is very limited, is curbed."

But will we see this replacement in the lists?

“I am making a great effort to field a list of young parliamentarians. Twenty-year-olds, thirty-somethings who truly are the spearhead of the next group of the Democratic Party ».

Giulio Zasso

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