Giorgia Meloni celebrates her first hundred days in government, but "it's not a goal", she specifies, because " governing Italy is a marathon, not a sprint race ".

A budget? Too soon, he postpones it "to the end of the journey" but all in all he declares himself optimistic. « The nation will make it, it is in a more solid situation than some would have you believe», he says, and reproaches the «owls » with the spread, «which has fallen in one hundred days from 236 to 175 basis points, with the Stock Exchange registering an increase of 20% and the Bank of Italy which estimates for the second half of 2023 the Italian economy in clear recovery".

The Prime Minister speaks in her now usual social column, with the usual agenda in hand and an editing that becomes more and more accurate from week to week. Review the latest government acts, from the pact on old age to the bill on the prosecution of the office and arrest in flagrante delicto.

But the government's objective, he specifies, " are not spot measures, but solutions that require work and precision ".

Giorgia Meloni recalls the 35 billion maneuver, "courageous and prudent". And he reiterates his unity of purpose with Minister Carlo Nordio: "He is committed to a very serious and comprehensive reform of justice with two cornerstones, guarantees for suspects and tried, certainty of punishment after conviction ". Among the objectives of the law, maximum attention «to the most perceived crimes, drug dealing, thefts in apartments and robberies» . And in this direction, he assures, the Viminale's Safe Stations plan also goes.

The prime minister confirms her commitment to reducing emergency decrees to a minimum and then goes on to the immigration chapter, announcing some visits to European capitals before the next Council meeting. Objective, « to support Italy's position and convince the main nations to help us on the central Mediterranean route to take steps forward. Someone has been done, others must be done ».

Among the great unknowns, the relationship with the allies, always ready to poke (Berlusconi) and plant flags (Salvini). Tensions over Ukraine ("The prospect of an infinite war cannot be accepted", Northern League member Romeo pointed out) and over reforms, from presidentialism to autonomy ("At the end of the legislature we will have a federal republic", Salvini said he was sure.


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