New leap of Covid in Italy, with incidence levels and Rt soaring upwards: the weekly incidence at national level, according to the weekly monitoring Iss-Ministry of Health, in fact rises to 441 per 100,000 inhabitants (23 - 29 September) against the figure of 325 per 100,000 inhabitants last week (30 September - 6 October). There was also a sharp increase in the transmissibility index Rt : in the period 14 - 27 September, the Rt was equal to 1.18 (range 0.98-1.52), an increase compared to the previous week (when it was equal to 1) and above the epidemic threshold value. Rt based on hospitalized cases is also increasing, at 1.28.

The employment rate in intensive care of coronavirus patients also rose to 1.8% . The employment rate in the medical area also passed nationally from 6% on 22 September to 8.2% on 6 October.

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