An incurable disease eventually prevailed. Gianluca Floris passed away this afternoon in the hospital bed, where he received the last treatments.

Born in 1964, Floris was a leading figure on the regional, national and international cultural scene. Famous tenor, discovered by Luciano Pavarotti, has worked in all 14 Italian lyric symphonic foundations, in traditional Italian theaters, and in various European and Japanese Opera Houses. Constant commitment to opera which earned him the role of president of Assolirica, the national association of opera artists.

A man rich in irony and intellectual curiosity, he has always been recognized as a great fan of the whole Asian world, so much so that in recent years he has been the protagonist of a series of collaborations for the artistic design of the new Opera Theater of Binhai New City - Ningbo - Shanghai - People's Republic of China.

Its natural versatility also emerges from the many novels published with Sardinian publishing houses and beyond, among the most recent are “La Preda” (Mondadori) and “L'inferno Peggiore” (Piemme).

His latest public engagements are linked to the radio, another love of his. On Radio X he conceived and conducted the interview program “Making the art of the art of doing”. Gianluca Floris was many things, an artist who will be missed, above all, by the Sardinian community.

“Our” tenor leaves Stefania Medda, with whom he had been married since 1999. And with her he shared his passion for cinema in the Odissea space in Cagliari.

Giovanni Follesa

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