An occasion like that of the Artigiano in Fiera , underway in Milan-Rho, represents one of the «fundamental tools for making our productions known» . Confartigianato Sardegna underlined the importance of the event for the island's companies: «Knowing that our artisans are participating in the largest event in the world dedicated to creators of beauty and goodness and seeing them present their work, their stories and their products fills us with pride and emotion, and gives us hope for the future of the artistic and agri-food sector of all of Sardinia», says the president Maria Amelia Lai .

Traditional clothing, cutlery, furnishing accessories and accessories, cosmetics, weaving, ceramics, leather, wrought iron, wood, cork, weaving and embroidery but also manufacturing
of precious metals, semi-precious stones and coral
are the most represented sectors in the Sardinia pavilion.

«As a trade association also of artistic and food industries - adds Lai - we are working to give prominence to all these realities, enhancing an economy centered on people and territories. For this reason, the emotion and amazement that arise from the meeting between our exhibitors and visitors, fascinated by stories, products and traditions, represent a precise choice of the world we tend towards and the future we want».

It is in these initiatives that companies «can promote and sell their products to the general public, be visible and traceable in the reference markets, open up to global markets with online platforms and develop a customer network which then re-proposes itself during the year, helping to promote, support and regenerate the Sardinian territory, to give value to work and productions».
An "event of rebirth" for Confartigianato, "after almost 3 years of the pandemic, it is the real and tangible opportunity to resume working with serenity, strength, courage and the desire to
behind us a very problematic period.


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