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The Super League is shipwrecked after 48 hours: away from the English, Inter also parades

The official note: "We are right, but a proposal to be reviewed"

The Super League is shipwrecked after just over 48 hours.

The project announced in the night between Sunday and Monday by 12 clubs hit the compact front of Fifa, Uefa, government authorities and above all fans. And after the first cracks last night, the wall collapsed.

The first club to back down was Manchester City, complete with a "welcome back" from Aleksander Ceferin to European football, closely followed by the other five English clubs involved: Arsenal, complete with mea culpa and apologies, Liverpool, Manchester United (executive vice president Ed Woodward resigned), Tottenham and finally Chelsea.

The emergency meeting yesterday evening following the exit of the City was not enough and even the Italian front has split, with Inter having already announced that it is no longer interested. "The Superlega project is currently no longer considered of interest by Inter", a telegraphic statement from the company

THE OFFICIAL NOTE - In the late night the official note of the Superlega arrived, now more than halved and which, while defending the goodness of its project, is forced to put it on standby, at the same time denouncing the pressures to which the companies would have been subjected British.

"The current situation in European football needs a change. A new competition is needed because the system does not work, our proposal is fully compliant with the law. But in the light of the current circumstances we will evaluate the appropriate steps to reshape the project", states in summary Superalloy.

"The European Super League - he explains again - is convinced that the current status quo of European football needs a change. We propose a new European competition because the existing system does not work. The goal of our proposal is to allow sport to evolve and at the same time generate resources and stability for the entire football pyramid, including aid to overcome the financial difficulties faced by the entire football community as a result of the pandemic. Furthermore, our proposal would provide football stakeholders significantly improved solidarity contributions ". "Despite the announced departure of the English clubs, forced to take these decisions due to the pressure exerted on them - adds the note -, we are convinced that our proposal is fully compliant with European laws and regulations, as has been demonstrated. today by a court decision that protects the Super League from the actions of third parties ".

"In light of the current circumstances - the conclusion -, we will evaluate the most appropriate steps to reshape the project, always having in mind our objectives to offer fans the best possible experience, improving the contributions of solidarity for the entire football community".

AGNELLI - The Superlega project, therefore, is shipwrecked but does not disappear completely, as confirmed by Andrea Agnelli yesterday evening and before the various companies passed away. "Between our clubs there is a pact of blood, let's move forward", he specified. "What we are doing is perfectly legal. We are exercising a freedom foreseen by the EU Treaty. And this is very important".

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