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Superlega, Giulini: "This is how they kill football and our dreams"

The stance on the earthquake that is shaking European football
tommaso giulini (ansa)
Tommaso Giulini (Ansa)

"I don't know if it will be the end of football, for sure it would be the end of football that made me fall in love and decide to go crazy."

Tommaso Giulini intervenes on the Superlega which is shaking European football. And his opinion, as might be expected, is not favorable.

"There are no fans anointed by the Lord, because they all share a single immense desire to dream".

The rossoblù patron intervenes on the Cagliari Calcio website with a long post accompanied by a symbolic photo, that of Joao Pedro who consoles Kurtic in tears at the end of Cagliari-Parma 4-3.

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"Football has meant and continues to mean too much to me. After a while everything gets mixed up in your head and you can't understand if life is me *** because Cagliari aren't doing well or vice versa. watching too many games, I spent too much money, I was pissed about Cagliari when I should have done it for other things. Maybe it's something you can't understand until you're in it, "he writes.

He refers precisely to Cagliari-Parma Giulini: "How do you understand when there are 4 minutes left and you lose 3 to 2 in a decisive match and you look around and see many distorted faces, pulled by fear, hope, tension. And then something magical happens, the referee's whistle and everyone goes crazy. "

"Football is this - he continues -, you win and much more often you lose. There is, but without the dream of every single fan, football makes no sense. There are no fans anointed by the Lord, all are united by one single fan. immense desire to dream. This proud and dignified land has taught me that we must never resign ourselves and we must always start dreaming again ".

Then the lunge: "You can lose but don't stop dreaming as long as that ball continues to roll. Now you want to stop that ball and all the dreams it carries with it. Even the dreams of those who do business, and not finance, of who risks his own because he has the same passion as a child who sees that ball roll. I don't know if it will be the end of football, for sure it would be the end of the football that made me fall in love and decide to go crazy. What pushed me to get involved, to live beautiful and less beautiful moments, to suffer for not being able to repay the feeling of the many fans who dream with me. Just the fans, because if they weren't there who would care about football? ".

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