Influencer and creator of the future? Wired says: "Watch out for the three Sardinians"

The authoritative magazine has included Emanuele Malloru, Chiara Meloni and Mara Mibelli in its top 50
emanuele malloru (l unione sarda)
Emanuele Malloru (L'Unione Sarda)

Wired (the cult magazine in terms of trends) has just included them among fifty influencers and creators to "keep an eye on" in 2021. Emalloru, aka Emanuele Malloru, and Belle di face or Chiara Meloni and Mara Mibelli, are the Sardinian talents on which the cult site dedicated to technology and social trends focuses: a mix of originality, creativity and charm on millennials that places them among the possible future competitors of the unreachable Ferragnez and Ronaldo.

Emalloru - YouTuber with over two hundred thousand views, creator of web content, director of commercials broadcast between Mediaset and Sky, Emanuele Malloru (aka Emalloru) is an ace in editing and directing with smartphones. The first ten years lived in Burcei, then the transfer to Sicily, mother's homeland, and finally Milan where she currently lives and works. On Instagram (where 310 thousand follow him) the memories of a lonely childhood and a birthday where "in the end nobody came". «Yes, in fact as a child I had very few friends but for me the memory of Sardinia remains impressed especially for the wild explorations in the hinterland with my father. - says Malloru, born in 1991 - I rediscovered the island at the age of 25 during the holidays, as much as possible in tradition and in human relationships. I have several friends with whom I have strong ties and who, with the infinite hospitality that only a Sardinian can offer, make me live the lost time ». Currently he travels around Italy to tell, and with success, villages and cities; very soon the story will also touch Sardinia. "But I am not interested in tourism promotion content - he specifies - I would like to tell about events or characters who come across my stay". Lists and social rankings do not scare him. «For me it is a pleasure to expose myself and tell the dynamics related to the construction of storytelling on my YouTube contents. I think that in Italy the Google platform is very similar to the one that took shape in America years ago - he says - the average age of the viewer rises and consequently the visual quality of video products; on this aspect I really like being associated with the testimonials of this new wave of web content creator.

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Belle in the face - Activists on the themes of fatphobia and body positivity but uncomfortable with the rankings, the Belle in the face of the lists of emerging figures on social networks are used to it. Before Wired, they were crowned by Forbes and Il sole 24ore. Their book, released in February by Mondadori, was very well received "We are happy that the project attracts attention - says Mara - but we do not like that our work is classified according to the performance of our contents on social media because the purpose That's not it. However, we consider it an extremely positive sign that the issues we are dealing with arouse interest. We do not define ourselves as inlfuencers, even if for us it does not have a negative connotation, but activists and we are definitely happy that our work is to be "kept an eye on" in the Italian social scene. For us in these two years, influencing others has meant bringing in light of a little-known topic, seeing the mainstream press for the first time interested in fatphobia, seeing texts on fat studies translated into Italian and helping to start the conversation on the liberation of fat bodies ». The social networks and the web are crucial for the promotion of the book. "We started the online promotion considering the restrictions of the pandemic and now for the first time we will present it also in our city, always online, in the Simpliciana Library".

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