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The Federation of emigrants: "Review the calls for maritime routes to Sardinia"

Among the solutions proposed, that of a mixed system tariff similar to the air one
serafina mascia presidente della federazione delle associazioni sarde in italia (archivio l unione sarda)
Serafina Mascia, presidente della Federazione delle associazioni sarde in Italia (Archivio L'Unione Sarda)

The representatives of Sardinian emigration gathered under the Fasi , the federation of Sardinian associations in Italy, say they are very worried about the new tenders for maritime continuity and, above all, about the fact that the Genoa-Olbia line has been excluded, that which serves the Liguria-Piedmont-Lombardy catchment area. Satisfaction, on the other hand, was expressed for the renewal of the "single tariff" airline scheme which provides guarantees to residents and meets emigrants, and also has the function of reducing costs even for non-Sardinians (at least in the nine non-summer months) .

"We reiterate - Serafina Mascia, president of the Federation writes in a note - that the disadvantage of insularity in transport and mobility of people is a problem for Sardinians, but also for other European citizens. The overcoming of this disadvantage, compared to the seriousness of the the state of the Sardinian economy and its structural inequalities, vis-à-vis Italy and Europe, is envisaged by another European principle, that of social cohesion ". In practice, the associations argue, "in the same direction of air continuity it would be necessary to proceed for maritime continuity. It does not seem that so far we have moved in this direction".

"Maritime continuity - underlines Mascia - is developing a model that risks worsening the existing situation, penalizing Sardinians, emigrants and users, as well as freight transport. In particular by removing state intervention from some routes that cannot stand exclusively with the free market, both for goods, outside the summer season, for example on the Genoa-Olbia. But there is also the risk of reproducing what had happened in the air continuity, with a model that, calming only the tariffs for Sardinians and by letting the summer rates run as compensation, he created a tariff difference, with very high costs that ultimately go to the Sardinian tourist system, creating a further disadvantage compared to national and international competition ".

The Sardinian Region, the note reads, "has no say in the matter and appears to be absent or excluded from the determination of the new maritime tenders". But, remembers Fasi, "recent studies on the value of maritime traffic, conducted by the engineering faculty of Cagliari, have suggested possible different solutions for the new maritime continuity. These studies were also presented at the Phases conference on February 15, 2020 in Saronno . Authorities from the Sardinian Region and the Ministry of Transport were present, together with economic operators and representatives of the shipping lines. From those studies, a solution different from the one in progress could arise, more in tune with the needs of Sardinia and more favorable than the need to control summer transport even within parameters of profitability and equilibrium with respect to the free market ".

A solution is necessary, and could be the "mixed system" one, valid erga omnes and similar to that of the single tariff for air traffic.

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